Why Car Rims are So Important for the Look of Your Car

When it comes to the various components that go into making a vehicle, few things are quite as vital as the rims. After all, you can still move a car without an engine, but a car without rims needs trolleys, a forklift or a lot of manpower to move it from one place to another. As well as the obvious necessity of rims to a vehicle, they also play a huge part in the overall aesthetic. In fact, it's not an exaggeration to say the right set of rims can totally make a car just as much as the wrong set can turn an otherwise great car into a real lemon. To understand why car rims are so important for the look of your car, you only have to check out all the different types there are around these days. From off-the-shelf steel rims to custom-made diamond-cut alloys, rims are a whole industry in their own right today.

A set of custom wheels is probably the quickest, easiest and often most cost-effective way of enhancing the whole look of a vehicle to deliver a unique, personalized style without going as far as a respray, spoilers or body kits. Aftermarket rims come in a an almost inexhaustible array of designs and sizes, and depending on what you're trying to achieve, not only can they improve the overall look of a vehicle, but they can also boost performance by some considerable degree too. But when it comes to wheel styles, with so many out there for you to choose from these days, your choice is literally limited to whatever you can imagine. In fact, even designing your own from scratch won't necessarily break the bank, as modern engineering technology has brought even one-off designs within reach of ordinary consumers.

There are basically three types of rims as far as materials are concerned. To start with there's the good old steel wheel that's often adorned with fancy hub caps to give the appearance of something a little more special. By far the most widely used and available type of wheel these days are aluminum alloy rims, which offer a great combination of affordability and durability, and can also be extremely stylish. Somewhat new to the custom auto market are carbon fiber rims. These are now the choice of some of the world's top performance car manufacturers as they are incredibly strong while at the same time being incredibly light to aid performance. The big drawback at the moment and the reason it will be a while before they become mainstream is the cost. Carbon fiber rims are extremely expensive, although one mainstream manufacturer is already making noises about offering them on relatively affordable models in the not-too-distant future.

In the majority of cases big is better when it comes to custom rims, although there can be both positive and negative effects associated with putting a different size of wheel on your vehicle. Big rims can look fantastic, but more wheel will usually mean less rubber, and therefore a harder ride.

You don’t even need to put up with the regulation silver or grey allow wheel these days either, as powder coating means black and other colors are becoming increasingly available and popular with customizers.

The bottom line is that if you want to spice up the look of your ride without going to too much trouble or spending a fortune, a cool set of new rims can work wonders.